Alp Sevimlisoy Yatırım

EXCLUSIVE: Putin ‘Surveilling Domestic Power Brokers’ As Ukraine Invasion Fails, Says Expert — ‘Many Vying For The Top Seat’

Ageopolitical strategist has warned that Russia’s faltering war in Ukraine has become a cause of concern for President Vladimir Putin as many within the Kremlin wish to replace the president.

What Happened: Coups are forming within the government that is planning to remove Putin from power, Alp Sevimlisoy, an internationally published geopolitical strategist and a fellow at the American think tank Atlantic Council, told Benzinga in an exclusive chat.

“The leadership of the Russian Federation is now having to concentrate on surveilling domestic power brokers, many vying for the top seat,” he said.

Sevimlisoy added that it would be a key to watch if Putin’s successor would be seeking “redemption for their sins in Ukraine or move further into China’s sphere of influence.”

However, Sevimlisoy added that Putin’s successor “would have to pick between a desire to atone for their actions and seek re-entry into the community of nations or to move further into an isolated position globally.”

There have been numerous discussions around the Russian president’s ill health and the potential of him being removed from power, although the Kremlin has always laughed off the rumors, calling them “gossip.”

On Thursday, Russia named a new commander for its military forces, its second in just three months, which was seen as a sign that the Ukraine campaign appeared to be faltering. Russia, however, said the “increase in the level of leadership” was “related to the amplified range of tasks” and the necessity of closer cooperation between Russian armed forces branches.


Alp Sevimlisoy originally featured as per: MSN